Dealing with Investing Biases and Will Open Banking Increase Competition?
The Canadian InvestorMay 13, 2024
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Dealing with Investing Biases and Will Open Banking Increase Competition?

In this episode, we examine the complex relationship between personal biases and investment decisions. We begin by contemplating the potential pitfalls of being overly familiar with and emotionally invested in certain companies. Inspired by Peter Lynch's insights from "One Up on Wall Street," we discuss the dual-edged sword of using personal experiences and observations to gauge a company's market potential.

We then answer a listener question on the use of stop limits to protect portfolio investments during times of high market valuations. We provide a comprehensive overview of different sell limit orders, including stop limit and trailing stop limits, and share insights into their effectiveness and potential drawbacks in real-life scenarios.

The episode finishes with Simon talking to Mahima Poddar, Senior Vice-President and Group Head of Personal Banking with EQ Bank. They discuss Canada’s Consumer-Driven Banking Framework that was announced in the Federal government 2024 budget and when Canadians could expect to benefit from open banking. 

Canada’s Consumer-Drive Banking Framework

Tickers of stock discussed: QSR.TO, ASML

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