Shareholder Drama and TSMC Gets a Boost from AI
The Canadian InvestorJanuary 25, 2024
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Shareholder Drama and TSMC Gets a Boost from AI

Welcome to the latest episode of the Canadian Investor podcast with your hosts, Dan and Simon. Tune in as they delve into the latest financial updates and earnings reports. In this episode, they analyze Birchcliff's significant dividend cut, break down TSMC's earnings, unpack the shareholder feud at Parkland Fuel, dissect Goldman Sachs' financial performance, and share insights from a recent interview with CIBC's Deputy Chief Economist, Benjamin Tal, featured in The Globe and Mail. Stay informed and engaged with the Canadian Investor podcast as Dan and Simon navigate through the dynamic landscape of financial news and discussions.

Ticker of Stocks discussed: TSMC, GS, PKI.TO, BIR.TO

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