Canadians Love Costco & CPP’s Fire Sale
The Canadian InvestorMarch 14, 2024
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Canadians Love Costco & CPP’s Fire Sale

Simon and Dan dive into a concise exploration of the latest economic developments affecting investors in Canada and the US. The Bank of Canada stands pat with its policy rate at 5%, amidst mixed growth signals and persistent inflation, particularly in housing. We also dissect the surprising US CPI data for February 2024, which shows a slight uptick in inflation, influencing the Federal Reserve's interest rate strategy and its implications for the Canadian economy.

Highlighting company earnings, we delve into Pollard Banknote's resilience in the face of economic challenges and explore strategic financial movements within New York Community Bancorp. Additionally, insights from Park Lawn Corporation and Costco reveal how businesses are adapting to changing monetary policies and consumer trends.

Join us for a succinct analysis on The Canadian Investor Podcast, where we break down complex economic indicators and their impact on investment strategies, providing listeners with actionable insights in a rapidly changing financial landscape.

Symbols of stocks discussed: PLC.TO, NYCB, PBL.TO, COST

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